January 5th: Ask Friends for Music Suggestions and LISTEN

Needs no explanation. Great friends=some great music. It’s an ecclectic mix, which is what you want… in friends and music! I have to say above everything else, I am amazed by this simple experience. As I listened to each song I saw the person that recommended it to me in the lyrics and melody. It made me smile and love the music even more.

Megan Madden Suggestion– James Townes Earl- Harlem River Blues

Beth Walker Suggestion– Trout Steak Revival- Brighter Everyday

Brian Walker Suggestion– Traveling Wilbury’s- Last Night

Greg Hoffman Suggestion– Metallica- Moth into Flame

Dominic Martel Suggestion– Maren Morris- My Church

Jason Tutin Suggestion– Violent Femmes- Issues

Jared Bos Suggestion– Head Automatica- Beating Heart Baby

Nancy D’Amico Suggestion– Suzanne Vega- The Queen and the Solider

Heidi Koontz Suggestion– John Lennon- Watching the Wheels

Lynette Schneider Suggestion– Frank Sinatra- Strangers in the Night

Sue Davidson Coyne Suggestion– The Beatles- In My Life

These suggestions are AMAZING and I thank those friends that made them. Music for me to listen through the entire year. I have to add in my suggestions from the Claffey Niece’s which probably are the best… Thanks ladies!

G Claffey Suggestion– Just Like Fire- Pink

C Claffey Suggestion– Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

L Claffey Suggestion– Driedal Song 😍- Artist Varies 😎

I hope everyone enjoys the music selection!


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