January 8th: Wake Up Early

Maybe this is cheating.

I should preface this post with: I am a bartender and never really wake up “early” but in reality early is relative. But today… I woke up EARLY. And still, to the point of “cheating” I woke up because I had to. But I did it and I was awake and I have yet to take a nap. (I love naps!)

So, here’s the story: I close the bar on Saturday night, which on a typically day means 2 AM at the earliest and 5 AM at the latest.

Last night, to my delight, I left work at 2:05 AM. Once I got home and laid down to sleep I finally closed my eyes and didn’t recall being awake again until 7:15 AM when my alarm went off. It felt far to early to be awake. My earliest shift every week is 9:45 AM. To be honest, the earliest I ever wake up is 8:45 AM. But on this day, I actually got out of bed at 7:30 AM. So I went to work and was productive. We had a new event at work today and it killed, so thank goodness I decided to be awake and productive early.

Good morning and good night. The productivity of today  was bewildering and something I should probably do more.

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