January 12th: Start a New Money Saving Tactic

I have been working hard for the past year to save money. I have been looking and am trying to buy my first home soon! Which, of course, is so exciting but scary and anxiety filled.

I definitely need some more money saving tactics so for this item on my list I’m starting something new for the year. 

So I am a bartender and make a good amount of quarters everyday. Over the last year I don’t cash the quarters into bills and just throw them in a jar at my house. I use that money when I need to pay an extra bill or need some extra spending cash. As of today I am putting that money in the jar and not touching it until July 1st. Then I will go deposit it into my savings account. Also, I typically change all my bills into bigger bills, which, I will continue to do, but any one dollar bills left I will change into quarters and out them in the jar as well. Hoping I can save some extra money doing this! 

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