January 18th: Ask 10 Friends for Book Recommendations and GO!

I cannot wait to get started on this list of books!

Jason Keeter- Miles

Kim Montague- A Man Called Ove

Jonathan Gagle- 11/22/63

Jared Bos- The Heart and the Fist

Jana Beeman- How to Talk to a Widower

Marie Casey- The Red Tent

Ashleigh Weatherill- A Dog’s Purpose

Paul Danek- Losing Ground

Tara Smith- A Map of the World

Megan Owen Ross- Big Little Lies

Thanks for the recommendations friends. The possibilities keep coming in… but sticking with these for now! 🤓

3 thoughts on “January 18th: Ask 10 Friends for Book Recommendations and GO!

  1. Hey, I didn’t know that A Dog’s Purpose was also a book! Ya learn something new every day. With all the drama surrounding the movie, maybe I’ll just read the book considering I really wanted to see that.

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    1. Yea! I’ve heard it’s really good and heart wrenching. It’s sad to me the drama around the movie. You would hope people making an endearing movie about dogs would not have treated them poorly. 😥

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      1. I know! I was so shocked. I’ve heard that they’ll be facing a huge fine and possible jail time. It’s especially sad for the author of the book, who probably did have a genuine love for dogs and wanted to share that with the world. S/he was going to see something great come of that love, and it’s turning into such a mess 😦

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