February 2nd: Invent a Sandwich

So I’m at work a lot and end up eating at work far too often. Our menu is pretty large… pizza, sandwiches, salads, and some appetizers. But since I have been eating vegetarian is has become increasingly harder to eat a good variety of things. So I thought today was a good day to cross this one off my list: Invent a New Sandwich. Of course, I’m not saying I am the first person ever to eat a sandwich like this… I’m sure it is out there somewhere, but it is different and feels like a small little invention. So for lunch today I had:



Sundried Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes


Red Onions

Pesto Sauce


Fresh Whole Milk Mozzerella

Mmmm- toasted on a fresh made whole wheat baguette. It was yummy!

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