February 3rd: Try Kombucha

So, my ritiual on Friday nights is to finish working my double then sit down with friends, regulars, and coworkers to have some drinks. Tonight being the first Friday in a while I would not be doing this I wondered how I would spend my night. But coming home right away is kind of a relief and very relaxing to just come home.

So what am I doing with my night. First, today I am trying Kombucha. I know what some might say… it has alcohol content and I am not drinking alcohol this month, but the content is basically non-exsistent.

Now I am just going to relax, knit a little, maybe finish my first book on my list of ten, A Man Called Ove, and then head to be bed much earlier than I am used to.

Anyway, I bought Synergy Cosmic Cranberry made by GT’S. It is different. Very vinegary. People say you get used to the extreme taste of it, so I guess I will have to try more

What is kombucha? Read this Shape.com article for an explanation and a brief explanation of some of its benefits.

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