February 4th: Explore a New Music Venue

Man, oh man. It was so exciting to see The Revivalists live, even more exciting that they were at a venue I had never been to.

First of all, if you have never heard of The Revivalists, look them up and listen now! They are AMAZING.

Second, it is quite unbelievable that I have never been to The Ogden. I have lived in Denver for over five years and the Ogden is one of the most popular venues… but I just never had a show that I just had to see… and I am not really a show goer unless I am REALLY into the band. 

Anyway, the venue was great and the music was the best! The only bad thing I could say is that the show was 16+ and it was pretty rough being around very intoxicated, very young people. But that will not take away from the awesome experience.

My camera on my phone has a cracked lense, so I cannot get really great pictures, but here are a few I did get that turned out decent!

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