February 16th: Update Resume

Well, I did not think it had been that long but when I went to update my resume today I did not even have my current place of employment on there… and I have been at the place for over THREE YEARS! But I did it. I updated it.

It was slightly disheartening because my second page includes art exhibitions I have been in and charity work I have done and I had NOTHING to add to those. So I think a goal should be to work on those things to add, because those are my life and should be the most important things I am working on.

If anyone has suggestions on things to change, edit, or add I would greatly appreciate feedback.

Megan Tutin Resume

So there it is. As many of my other tasks I have been working on throughout the last month and a half, this might help get some of my other tasks down the road done. Always good to keep things updated and keep things rolling.

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