February 27th: Learn Hello in 10 Different Languages

Jambo! Namaste! Bonjour! 

You get the idea. I learned some new ways to say hello today. Most people have heard before but either did not know where they were from or did not consciously think about them.

This really makes me want to study language a little more indepthly. I took four years of Spanish in high school and remember some… (a customer/friend and  I were both surprised the other day when I was able to translate  a text she got about purchasing an item she had online for sale that she was in Spanish!) So I am thinking about maybe taking some classes. Today was kind of a fun thing to do to get my mind going and thinking sbout different languages.

This is the site I found when I just typed “learn hello in different languages”…

I purged some food out of the food pantry today. Tomorrow my artist desk!

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