March 2nd: List Ten Things I am Grateful For

1. My parents and siblings. They are supportive and loving even if I do not see them for a long time.

2. My dog. It truly is like having an extra best friend!

3. The ability to work for my dreams. Particularly, pursuing my artistic endeavors. Some people never have the chance in their life to actually do what they love. I am still working hard to make it my only career, and hope and think one day it will be.

4. My friends. Growing up I always had a lot of friends and through my early twenties I always felt it was important to surround myself with lots of people. I am moving away from that as I realize how importang it is to have people in my life that truly care and matter to me. So I am truly happy to my close friends that are always there, and I will always be there for.

5. My education. I might be paying hundreds of dollars a month to get my student loan paid off, but I am still grateful I had the opportunity to get an education, and more importantly the one I wanted to get.

6. The state of Colorado. I moved around a few times and always got this itch to leave places after a while, but I have been in Colorafo for over five years now and feel home. I love the weather. I love the city. I love the sports to see and to play. I just love it.

7. My health. I battled cancer a few years ago and am so thankful and blessed to be out on the other side healthy.

8. The great outdoors. Between National Parks, city parks, and everything in between how could you not be grateful for the great outdoors. I love to hike, camp, explore historic places… etc.

9. Sleep. Of course this is something we all take for granted, but a good sleep is key to a happy heart and life. I do not sleep well often because of random arm pain but when I do it is the best thing to happen to me all week!

10. Physical health. Particularly, the ability to run in races, go swimming, go hiking, work at a bar and move quickly, the list could go on with all the physically challenging things I am capable of and for that I am grateful.

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