March 7th: Read About Birth City

Being a military kid is something I am sure many people can relate to. I am the fourth of five kids, so by the time I can around we did not move much more.

I was born in Lakenheath, England and moved to Montgomery, Alabama when I was three. We then moved to Niceville, Florida six months later. Really I do not remember places before Niceville and consider that my hometown… I lived there until I  was 18. 

I have never known a lot… or really anything about Lakenheath other than it houses the largest USAFB in England and that my dad was working as a navigator in F-111s while we lived there.

So today I looked up the town and found some great information, saw lots of pictures, and learned a bit about the area. It was really cool to learn and see these things. If anyone else out there does not know much about their birth city I highly suggest looking it up!

I hope one day to visit.

Visit Lakenheath

I even found a Visit Lakenheath Facebook Page that I am now following!

On an exciting note… today is day 66 of 365 days in 2017- so we are under 300. Can you believe how fast the year flies by!!!!

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