March 20th: Take a Day Off Work Just Because

Will someone remind me to do this once a week?!? 😂

And next time I will follow these steps: How to Really Take a Day Off. Written by Courtney Carver

The 10 step plan to really take a day off
Schedule your day off. Put it in your calender and make it important.

Tell the world. Call your friends, text your colleagues, tweet the news that you have scheduled a day off and won’t be available.

Take a Sabbath eve. On the night before your planned day off, skip the heavy meal and alcohol. Plan to wake up feeling peaceful and refreshed.

Make a Sabbath box. This was a lovely suggestion from the book, Sabbath. Put anything in the box that you don’t want to use during your day off. I think cell phone, and computer will top the list, but there may be other things. Also include things left undone, and worries by writing them on a piece of paper and placing it in the box.

Time out. Whenever I go on vacation, the thing I love most is not being aware of what time it is and not caring. If you can afford this luxury, turn off your clocks and don’t worry about what time it is. Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty and sleep when you’re tired.

Leave the “shoulds” in the Sabbath box. If you are really going to take a day off, don’t worry about what you should or should not be doing. If you want to take three naps, take three naps. Lunch in bed? Why not?

Rest in your own way.

Renew in your own way.

Delight in your own way.

Promise you won’t spend the day after making up for your  day off.

I hope others can find this day off schedule useful, but all I can say is either way, having a day that is about nothing but not working is rather fantastic… we should all be doing it.

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