March 21st: Deep Clean/Exfoliate My Face

As some of you may have learned from me over the last couple months, I often find myself in routines and find a hard time getting out of them. Often this relates to using the same shampoo, or wearing the same clothes, or eating at the same restaurant. Much of the list I have formulated is to break myself from the molds I have formed for my life, try new things, and have new experiences. Which is what life should be all about.

Some of these things or tasks are super simple and others develop more complex situations.

Today it is simple: detox/exfoliate my skin. I bought a new product-

And just used it. I love it. My face feels refreshed, clean, and healthy. A simple 15 minute task to add to my weekly life to feel refreshed and healthy. 

I just have to remind myself to try a new kind of facial cleanser in a couple months.

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