April 26th: Watch the Sunset

Because of my work schedule it is not everyday I actually get to see the sunset. I am usually in work, inside, by the time the sun is going down…

I remember when I was in my late teens early 20s, still living in Florida, and would watch the sunset EVERYDAY. Even when I was working in a restaurant and we were getting slammed, we would all walk outside and watch the sun go down.

Living in New York, the college years, I often watched the sun come up. But that us all I will say about that… 😂☺️

Next, was living back in my hometown, where I worked as a sunset family photographer… I saw more sunsets that summer than was probably desirable. You get kind of jaded when you go down to the beach EVERY NIGHT to watch the sun set over the white sands and emerald green water of the Florida panhandle.

Before Colorado, I lived on Key West. They literally have a “SunsetCelebration” EVERYDAY. The sunset becomes part of your daily routine. You know exactly when it is going to happen, what the weather will be like, and how many people you will have to crowd with to see the “western most sunset on the east coast of the US”. 

Anyway, as you can see, nearly all my life has been centered around sunsets… enjoying them, working them, or just being present… I mean, we are all here, alive, and can watch the magnifigance that is our planet and solar system everyday, 

For some reason since I have been in Colorado, all that has gotten lost. Today, not even planned I happened to just watch the sunset over the mountains. It was a gorgeous sight. And strangely I isn’t even take s photo. Because really I was just there to enjoy it.

I hope everyone can find the time in there week, every once in a while to just sit and enjoy the sun go down.

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