January 8th: Start a New Hobby

So a friend of mine introduced me to this thing called Diamond Dotz and I am obsessed. Check out the website if you like doing puzzles or paint by numbers.

Sunflower Diamond Dotz in progress

So I went to a craft store and found them. If you go to their website there are many more options of pictures but I wanted to get started. I loved this sunflower image and didn’t even pay attention to the “skill level”. So this is an advanced level image, which basically just means it is much bigger.

I have already spent many, many hours on it but am really enjoying it. It’s peaceful but tedious. The nice thing is that you can pick up and do it and stop at any moment. Through coronavirus I definitely have not been working as much so this little hobby is nice to have, something to do with my extra free time besides binge shows and cook.

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