January 24th: Make Pancakes

As a single woman I don’t often do some of the traditional things that families might do on a regular basis- like make pancakes. Maybe that is a stereotype but it’s just not something I think about regularly.

I remember when I was growing up my mom and dad made pancakes on the weekends. It was different from the normal weekday craziness when everyone was rushing around to get to school or work. We would all gather around the breakfast table and eat together rather than grabbing a cereal bar or scarfing down a bowl of something.

As an adult, of course, I’ve eaten pancakes but it’s not something I think of as a ritual or something I would do for myself at home. So I thought I would take the morning to make some for myself and have a nice little breakfast.

I have much respect for my parents and my siblings with kids- pancakes are not easy to make! But delicious all the same.

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