January 28th: Try a New Meditation

When I made this list I feel I was living a very different life. It has been four years since I made the original list and as I mark things off but didn’t finish the whole list I would add more items to make it full for the next year. Often as I go through the list I come across things that were important to me 4 years ago that I might have forgotten about. Strangely, meditation is one of those things. I had a point in my life where daily meditation was important and for some reason it fell away.

As I searched through the list recently I came across “Try a New Meditation” and it struck a chord with me, that I don’t meditate (at all) enough anymore.

So on my nightly walk with my pup Bella, I found this spot at a park near my house, very little city lights, clear blue, starry skies and very quiet. I sat down and just breathed. In and out. Clearing my mind. I glanced up at the sky and felt a moment of clarity. Now that I have found this spot, I feel I will return to it often.

I found this article that discusses the 12 Benefits of Meditation and I can’t see why a person wouldn’t want to have a meditation routine.

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