Sitting in my house in late December of 2016 I contemplated the upcoming New Year and reveled in the task of making resolutions. The same things came to me as they do every year: exercise more, lose weight, save money, etc.

As I recall each previous year I think of the first few months and how often resolutions fall by the wayside. So this year I am challenging myself a little more seriously.

I compiled a list of 365 Things to do in 2017

Some for myself. Some for others. Some for my health. Some for fun. Some to avoid laziness. Some to be lazy.

Number one on the list is Create a Blog. So as I step into this new adventure of a year I start it off with this, 365 Things in 2017. I hope some will follow me in this journey, maybe join me in some tasks, and support me as I try to make this resolution last!