January 24th: Make Pancakes

As a single woman I don’t often do some of the traditional things that families might do on a regular basis- like make pancakes. Maybe that is a stereotype but it’s just not something I think about regularly.

I remember when I was growing up my mom and dad made pancakes on the weekends. It was different from the normal weekday craziness when everyone was rushing around to get to school or work. We would all gather around the breakfast table and eat together rather than grabbing a cereal bar or scarfing down a bowl of something.

As an adult, of course, I’ve eaten pancakes but it’s not something I think of as a ritual or something I would do for myself at home. So I thought I would take the morning to make some for myself and have a nice little breakfast.

I have much respect for my parents and my siblings with kids- pancakes are not easy to make! But delicious all the same.

January 23rd: Refinance My House

Wow! This is a big one! And I am super excited to get this going.

I bought my house 3 1/2 years ago and the interest rates were pretty reasonable but now that have fallen quite a bit, my home value has gone up (quite substantially) and I still pay mortgage insurance (which is a waste once I am past the 20% paid off mark… which I am)!

So I submitted an inquiry and have been talking to a mortgage company. I can reduce my interest rate by TWO POINTS, take a little money out to take care of some outstanding debt and PAY LESS than what I am paying now.

I’m glad I made this move and hope in 90 days everything clears and I’ll have a new and improved mortgage.

January 21st: Read “The Art Spirit”

Well, my book reading is off to a great start. I finished “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” and have to say, it was a GREAT, easy and thrilling read.

As I browse through my list of other things to do this year I came upon, “Read ‘The Art Spirit’”. It was actually a book introduced to me by my art teacher back in high school… that I have to admit was 20 years ago 😮 oh how time flies!

I remember being assigned to read certain passages or sections of the book and always felt inspired. But it was high school and I had a seven class work load, so I didn’t often read for pleasure.

The book has been sitting on my bookshelf, untouched, since then!

I often see if and try to remind myself to read it. Many times I think, that book could build some inspiration to be more artistic on a regular basis. Maybe it is just what I need to inspire myself, artistically.

January 20th: Buy a New Camera

If you cannot tell from some of my other posts I am an avid photographer. I got my BFA in Photography in 2008 and love taking photos in a daily basis.

The goal was with this “thing” to buy a new camera but I was actually fortunate enough to have a friend just give me this digital one.

I have almost always shot with film, aside from using my iPhone. But this new camera could bring a lot of new projects my way.

I cannot wait to start using it!

January 19th: Discover a New Bakery

This is actually on my list every year and just get added back every year because who doesn’t like discovering a new bakery.

So, I just typed bakery near me into google and found this little spot – Rheinlander Bakery in Olde Town Arvada – which is such a cute little neighborhood.

Right now, because of Covid there are so many different restrictions and lots of cafes have outdoor seating, which makes the neighborhood even cuter.

When I went inside I was even more in love. They are very prepared for Mardi Gras right now with lots and lots of decorations and French Quarter treats, including coffee grounds and beignet mix from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans (which I love!)

I also really loved that you could see them baking right out in the open.

But what I loved most of all were the treats. I just got a few tortes but will definitely be back to try other things, maybe even a king cake for Mardi Gras in a few weeks!

If you are in the Denver/Arvada area I highly recommend this place. Aside from it being so cute and delicious the staff was very friendly and quick!

January 18th: Try a New Lotion

I am not a big lotion, makeup or fancy soap person but I know that trying new things like them can sometimes make you feel better mentally. I also often have problems with allergies, so many products I steer clear of.

Because of this trying new products can often be scary or intimidating. To try and break free from that feeling I bought a new lotion today. Nothing expensive, just something new. Read more about the product here- Love, Beauty and Planet.

Some bonuses to this product is that it is cruelty-free, vegan, 100% recyclable materials and ethically sourced fragrances.

I tried it out. It did not give me an allergic reaction and I really enjoy the light scent. It is not overbearing but smells fresh.

January 17th: Read One Book Every Month this Year

I feel like I have already jumped in to quite a few of the longer term goals I have on the list, which I typically try to hold onto a few for later in the year, but because this is a year long one, I suppose it’s time to jump into this one.

I bought this book today- Im Thinking of Ending Things– never heard of it but it said it was an international best seller, Netflix series and Reader’s Guide Book Club Choice – so it sounds promising.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for books later in the year, I would greatly appreciate it!

January 16th: Start an Address Book

I bought this little book today and am going to start adding addresses in.

It’s not that I send snail mail very often but maybe I would if I had easier access to addresses. I usually have to reach out to someone or search my office for old envelopes. Having them all in one place will be nice.

I have to say how interesting it was that it took THREE stores to find an address book. I was not looking for anything fancy or specific even, but I guess with our digital world, few people are probably looking for handwritten address books.

January 15th: Make Homemade Soup

The end of last year and coming into this year has been a time of cooking, baking and creating all kinds of new food for me! I think I even talked about it in an earlier post about how I have been cooking casserole or dishes for a regular customer of mine weekly. It has been pretty great because it has provided some extra income while the bar (and all restaurants) have not been as profitable.

So I made some homemade soup!

Found this recipe and wanted to try it. Cooking Classy – Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

It turned out great! And pretty easy to put together.

January 14th: Grow Something

I know, I know, there is no excuse. I have fallen quite far behind. Some days I think about what I can do for the day and then I get an overwhelming feeling because I have fallen behind. But now I just have to get back on track. It’s not even February yet!

So, for the 14th I am attempting to grow something. I got this little tip that if you take the butt of your celery after you have cut off the good stuff you can put it in water and re-grow the celery!

So I put it in water and it has already started to sprout a bit. Very exciting, maybe in a week or so I will have some celery!