January 10th: Watch an Opposing View News Channel


I don’t want to get into politics, so I won’t even say what my normal news source is or which one I watched to get an opposing view but I will say how disgusted I was.

When it really comes down to it both sources leave out stories that do not align with their agenda and seem to build a lot of fear and hate around issues that they do discuss. This is not new information to me, but the extremity of it is disheartening.

I found this media bias chart:


I think it is a good representation of how the news sources.

I do think this is something I should do more often just to at least hear what the other side is discussing but not something I can do extremely regular because of how frustrated I got with lies and exaggerations.

January 9th: Start a Recipe Box

Anyone that personally knows me, knows that throughout covid I have been cooking and baking like a crazy person. Over the holidays when business was slow at the bar I even made a little business out of it, cooking cakes, cookies and pies for people. I even have one regular customer now who orders casserole dinners from me once a week. I take pride that I actually feed this person meals on a regular basis.

With all of that said, I have been making new dishes and baked goods on a regular basis. I often have to search my phone over and over again foe recipes. I have some regulars at the bar, who very sweetly bought me a recipe box with cards to keep track of everything.

So now, I need to fill it with all the recipes I have been accumulating so I don’t have to search for them online every time. I am very excited about this. Let me know if anyone out there has recipes to share!

January 8th: Start a New Hobby

So a friend of mine introduced me to this thing called Diamond Dotz and I am obsessed. Check out the website if you like doing puzzles or paint by numbers.

Sunflower Diamond Dotz in progress

So I went to a craft store and found them. If you go to their website there are many more options of pictures but I wanted to get started. I loved this sunflower image and didn’t even pay attention to the “skill level”. So this is an advanced level image, which basically just means it is much bigger.

I have already spent many, many hours on it but am really enjoying it. It’s peaceful but tedious. The nice thing is that you can pick up and do it and stop at any moment. Through coronavirus I definitely have not been working as much so this little hobby is nice to have, something to do with my extra free time besides binge shows and cook.

January 7th: Purge One Item Everyday for a Month

I do this every year and it is always a nice start to the year. Clearing out old things, decluttering and sometimes finding things I forgot I had that I want to hold onto.

I already threw out a bunch of old clothes that were torn or ruined from work. It felt nice. I got a rod of some old kitchen utensils and will have to purge something again today. I have a few big things in mind that I have been planning on getting rid of for a while and just never get around to it. But soon enough.

The best part is, it makes room for new things.

January 6th: Have a Game Night with Friends

This post is coming in a little late because the night went longer than expected but what a fun night… something I hope we can do my more times.

So a friend of mine just had a baby, which in normal circumstances she would stay home die the first few weeks and then be able to come out like normal and enjoy normal life. Covid has changed all that and who knows when she will actually be able to venture out. But my circle is very small, besides work, I don’t see anyone on a regular basis. I thought it would be fun to together with her, her partner and a couple other friends. It felt like an actual normal day… which I haven’t felt in a very long time.

We had dinner, played Mexican train, some card game that the Michiganders knew… fabulous. I would sit and enjoy game night many nights over with these folks!

January 5th: Make French Toast

I will leave this one behind as something I get when I go out to brunch. It wasn’t horrible but I have definitely had better.

I got a simple recipe online: Add a Pinch – Perfect French Toast.

The recipe was easy and delicious but the cooking time was what I had a problem with. It said to cook on each side for 2-3 minutes. I did that and the toast had a nice golden/brown color, but the inside was mushy.

Maybe I will try again another day but for now, I’ll continue letting brunch professionals make me French toast (which, I cannot even remember the last time I actually ate French toast and I really don’t have it often, but it is a splurge kind of thing so when I have it I want it to be spectacular…)

January 4th: Take a Leisurely Drive

Sometimes I forget what a beautiful state I live in but today was a great reminder of how beautiful Colorado is.

I took a drive up to lookup mountain and made some stops to take photos. It was very relaxing (other than the fact that I was freaking out that I was driving on the side of a mountain with little barricades).

I got my 365 days of photos in:

Lookout Mountain, Colorado

All in all- such an easy task. And so relaxing!

January 2nd: Drink 64oz of Water Everyday for a Week

I think a huge part of everyone’s new year’s resolutions is always to be healthier. A lot of the time I think we make these outlandish, impossible to reach goals and then feel like a failure when we don’t reach them.

So instead of putting out there I am going to lose 50 lbs or exercise EVERYDAY, I’m just going to say I am going to strive to be healthier.

I think this task, drinking 64 oz of water everyday is a great way to kick that off. To help me, I am going to go buy some new water bottles and some strawberries, lemon and mint. I’m going to chop up the fruits and put it in the water bottle and let it rest. It adds great flavor to the water without making it bad for you, and will make it easier to drink!

I am resolving to do this for one week, but hopefully I can make it a habit!

January 1st: Here we go 2021! 365 Days of Photos

Starting a new year is always like starting a new journey. This is the 4th year I am attempting to do 365 new or fun things. I have a list compiled and will strive each day to check something off. I have yet to do a complete year but whenever I look back I am always grateful for the things I did force or push myself to do.

About 7 years ago I challenged myself to take a photograph everyday. I am challenging myself to that again this year. So my first check mark for the year on my 365 things is to start and push myself everyday to photograph.

Denver, Capital Building

I went down to the capital building this morning, one of my favorite structures and things to photograph in Denver and snapped some shots.

You can follow my photo journey on Instagram or Facebook @megantutinphotography !

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and wonderful 2021.