June 16th: Skip Rope

It is so funny how things end up differently than you might expect.

When I made this list there were many things on it that I expected to be one way and they end up completely different.

This thing for example, I expected to be a fun little task: skipping rope one afternoon. However, I guess that was a childish expectation. I reminisce about skipping rope as a kid and think about how fun and easy it was.

Today though, phew. We had to jump rope in crossfit class and it was not fun or easy! Perhaps because I am servely out of shape or maybe just because it wasn’t just a little skipping around, but either way… I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

June 12th: Try a New Sport

Some may not consider this a sport, but after completing on CrossFit class today, I say pssshhhh to that.

It was so intense and difficult and rewarding and body crushing and body building… there are so many ways to describe this… but over all those things alone classify it as a sport to me.

So today was day one, but I signed up for a six week challenge. I am excited and scared and really just hoping I complete it.

I found the program on Facebook and am really pleased with the place that I found CrossFit Eminence.

The coach today was great, inspirational, dedicated, and very understanding of my abilities (or lack there of).

I can’t wait for the rest of the classes!