January 30th: Learn to Play Chess

So I’ve always to know how to play chess but it always seemed so intimidating. I found a website http://chess.com that teaches you how to play and then you play against a computer and it can give you tips and guide you with what moves to make.

I downloaded an app associated with that website today and have been playing games. I’m only at a beginner level but the more I play the more comfortable I get with making moves and protecting my King.

There is definitely a lot of strategy and it will take a while to really get the hang of it but I am excited to at least know the basics and get games going.

I have a friend that plays regularly and actually have on my list to play him this year. It just might take a while to get enough confidence to play him.

January 6th: Have a Game Night with Friends

This post is coming in a little late because the night went longer than expected but what a fun night… something I hope we can do my more times.

So a friend of mine just had a baby, which in normal circumstances she would stay home die the first few weeks and then be able to come out like normal and enjoy normal life. Covid has changed all that and who knows when she will actually be able to venture out. But my circle is very small, besides work, I don’t see anyone on a regular basis. I thought it would be fun to together with her, her partner and a couple other friends. It felt like an actual normal day… which I haven’t felt in a very long time.

We had dinner, played Mexican train, some card game that the Michiganders knew… fabulous. I would sit and enjoy game night many nights over with these folks!

January 3rd: Apply for a Game Show

What is the nerdiest thing I could do this year, Alex?

So it is the nerdiest thing but what can I say?, I am a nerd.

I record Jeopardy! daily and watch it whenever I have a chance. I have always wanted to be on the show. So today I looked up what is required.

They only do the test to qualify every so often so basically I just registered to be informed when the test is happening.

So now I am registered and will take the test the next time it comes up.

For now, I took the practice test and got 20 of 30 right… I don’t know what the pass/fail percentage required to qualify is, but for now, I will just keep practicing… maybe I will get on one day.

Here is the site to register and find the practice test- Jeopardy!

January 11th: Discover a New Game App

I know this seems a little silly. But I have actual good reason for this simple task.

There have actually been studies and articles published (like this one Playing Mario Bros) that say playing video games, cognitive games or just keeping your mind active more often then say, mindlessly watching tv can help prevent dementia.

Because I have a history of dementia in my family I think early in life it is important to do anything I can to help prevent or at least put off longer getting the disease.

So I downloaded this “Trivia Crack” game and will start playing. Besides the good side affects it might have on my brain, maybe I’ll actually learn something every once in a while.

June 4th: Go Zip Lining

Oh boy, it has been a great weekend.

Time away from work, time with my sister and time with my nieces. Plus, super fun activities.

Today, my sister and I went zip lining in Anderson, Indiana. It was a lot of fun and we got to do the longest, fastest zip line in the Midwest! 

Bonus: it just so happens that all the things just happen to be things on my list!

June 1st: Take a Mini Vacation

This is much needed!!! 

I arrived in Indianapolis where my sister, Nicole, and her three kids and husband live. It is going to be a quick 6 days but I am excited to be away from work and spend some time with these little ones… (plus one more not pictured)!

We have so much planned. An afternoon in the park, then my sister and brother-in-law go to Chicago for a concert while I watch the little ones… art time, movie and snacks, ice cream, Auntie sleepover… it’s going to be a blast. Then, weather permitting, Latern Festival (which is on my list and sold out in Denver!!), Wonder Woman movie day, soccer game with my sister’s league. 

It’s going to be a fun filled packed few days but great!

May 28th: Swing on a Swingset

The oh so simple things are some of the best things to grasp onto. This however, did not pan out like I thought it would… it made me nauseous. Hahah. I guess I’m just not a swinging type of person anymore. 

Either way, I have it a go and know for the future that it is not my thing. I did get to sit in the park again though and just relax… since I wasn’t swinging.

March 29th: Play a Board Game

We recently got  bunch of board and card games for the bar I work at to give customers something fun to do while they are hanging out. I think, however, we have been having more fun with them then they do.

I learned a new game and played for a bit the other night. It is called “Shut the Box”. It is pretty fun, strategic but super simple. 

I enjoy playing board games and particularly love playing cards. But simple things like this are what make some days a little brighter than others.