February 5th: Spend Only Cash for a Month

One of my main goals for the year is to save money and pay off a significant amount of my debt.

I have great credit and by default, not learning from mistakes, I have a lot of credit cards with significant amounts available to me. Often this makes me say “oh I can spend that money, I’ll just put it on my card”.

The next month will focus on only using cash (actually physical cash and my debit card) instead of putting anything on credit. Hopefully this will help me lower my debt and make me more conscientious of spending habits.

January 1st: Do Not Touch My Investment Account All Year

The New Year is here!! I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities and celebrations.

Like I said in my last post I am giving this 365 things another go. Some things I am going to repeat from last year because they were great for me, other things will build on things I did last year and some are brand new.

To kick off the year I am building on a thing from last year. Last years I downloaded an app called Acorns. It automatically moves change from accounts that you link to it into an investment account. After starting it last year I tapped into a couple times to use some of the money.

My first full thing for the year is to not touch that money at all for the entire year. A big task but I think I am up for it.

June 8th: Start an Investment Account

The last couple years of my life has been all about saving money, investing money, and getting my stuff together to buy a house.

As I work harder and harder to make this happen I came across this app that rounds up transactions from my checking account and puts them into an investment account. 

It is similar to what my savings account does, however, I like this app because it separates my money to a completely different place. My savings and checking are linked, so at any time I can transfer money over to my checking from my savings. This makes that harder.