May 3rd: Adopt a Star

I know this is like a really cheesy thing and it is not like I actually own this star but I thought it was something cool to do.

Plus, I found this foundation – White Dwarf Project – which donates the money to scientific exploration of space. 

So I adopted a star in the name of my family:

My family has been going through a lot recently but we are always there for each other and always supportive of life changes and decisions… we are a clan and I cannot imagine my life without them. This star is out there now with our name on it. Regardless of how official it truly is… 

You got to pick  number of star too, so I picked 0825, which is my parents wedding anniversary. ❤😁

February 17th: Explore NASA Archives

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This was so awesome. I got lost in this website for quite a while. 

Here are some of my favorite images.

The only thing that surprised me is that some images are “artist renderings” or “artist creations” and not just factual or direct representations of things. I would think NASA would be a little more scientific. Still, the images were really cool to look at… and I migh have learned a little about stars, galaxies, and black holes. 

You should check out the site too!

NASA Archives