January 10th: Subscribe to a Magazine

I used to get a lot of different magazines when I was a kid but it has been a while since I have subscribed to one and had it sent to me. It was actually really hard picking one because there is so much out there, so I went with a classic, Time.

It feels weird to subscribe to something because of the time we live in. Magazines and newspapers seem outdated by the time they hit the press. But I think it will be nice to get something weekly and not have to follow every piece of information online so religiously (especially with how hard it has become to sift through real and fake news). 

I look forward to the next 52 weeks of the magazine, and for only $30. It is nearly the same price as when it was first released.

January 9th: Watch a Foreign Film

Thanks to my friend Jason I was able to easily knock watch a foreign film off my list!

I borrowed Pan’s Labyrinth (Spanish), Cinema Paradiso (Italian), and Amelie (French). I started with Pan’s Labyrinth and after that monstrosity of a movie I am going to have to wait until another night to check out the other two.

I would highly recommend Pan’s Labyrinth to anyone It is so hard to describe but perhaps the best way is a Fantasy/Drama. It felt like Alice in Wonderland meets some World War II Story meets Stephen King meets The Grimm Brothers. It was beautiful.

As a side note, the subtitles did not bother me at all. I felt as though it flowed well. I rarely thought about the fact it was not in English. Maybe that was particular to this movie, but I suppose I will see when I get around to watching the other two. Also, I happened to read that the director, Guillermo del Toro, did the subtitles himself so that he could have full control over the translation into English.

Regardless, top notch. Go find it! Watch it. And then hide from the underworld and oppressive military captains for the rest of the evening…

Here is a preview if you are interested: Pan’s Labyrinth Trailer. But I don’t think this does it justice. It is weird that it is in English and it slightly diminishes the beauty and surrealism of the actual movie. You will just have to watch the movie to get the real effect.

January 7th: Try a New Place for Lunch

There didn’t seem a better time than during my week of trying out vegetarianism to try a new spot for lunch. 

So I went to trusty Google and searched for “Vegetarian Restaurants”. There are plenty of options in Denver. Although it’s a chain, albeit one I had never heard of, Native Foods Cafe, really caught my attention. They have a huge selection of items that just don’t sound vegetarian at all… something that catches my eye as a meat eater attempting to make this week happen.

So I ventured out and ordered a Soul Bowl  and some surprisingly delicious Iced Green Tea.

I truly meant to take pictures but when the food came I couldn’t contain myself. The variety of fresh veggies, rice, beans, and their “Native Chicken” pulled me in. It was a delicious lunch and a spot I would try again, even outside of this week of no meat.

As a plus, the staff was super friendly and the vibe was very relaxed. It made my little day adventure of finding a new lunch spot even more special.

January 6th: Eat Vegetarian for a Week

Eating vegetarian for a week is my first big challenge for the year. One week does not seem like very long but for those that know me, I am very much a meat eater.

But I have heard and can imagine the health benefits of going vegetarian or cutting out meat on a regular basis.

I am going to start with a week and go from there.

To be specific I am trying Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, meaning I can still eat eggs and dairy products but no meat, including fish.

Here’s a couple articles I found to help me along the way, as well as anyone else out there that might want to try it out.

Vegetarian Diet – Mayo Clinic

8 Foods Every Vegetarian Should Eat

5 Risky Mistakes Vegetarians Make

Vegetarian Food Pryamid

January 5th: Ask Friends for Music Suggestions and LISTEN

Needs no explanation. Great friends=some great music. It’s an ecclectic mix, which is what you want… in friends and music! I have to say above everything else, I am amazed by this simple experience. As I listened to each song I saw the person that recommended it to me in the lyrics and melody. It made me smile and love the music even more.

Megan Madden Suggestion– James Townes Earl- Harlem River Blues

Beth Walker Suggestion– Trout Steak Revival- Brighter Everyday

Brian Walker Suggestion– Traveling Wilbury’s- Last Night

Greg Hoffman Suggestion– Metallica- Moth into Flame

Dominic Martel Suggestion– Maren Morris- My Church

Jason Tutin Suggestion– Violent Femmes- Issues

Jared Bos Suggestion– Head Automatica- Beating Heart Baby

Nancy D’Amico Suggestion– Suzanne Vega- The Queen and the Solider

Heidi Koontz Suggestion– John Lennon- Watching the Wheels

Lynette Schneider Suggestion– Frank Sinatra- Strangers in the Night

Sue Davidson Coyne Suggestion– The Beatles- In My Life

These suggestions are AMAZING and I thank those friends that made them. Music for me to listen through the entire year. I have to add in my suggestions from the Claffey Niece’s which probably are the best… Thanks ladies!

G Claffey Suggestion– Just Like Fire- Pink

C Claffey Suggestion– Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

L Claffey Suggestion– Driedal Song 😍- Artist Varies 😎

I hope everyone enjoys the music selection!


January 4th: Make a List of 20 Places to Visit

Well, this might be the easiest thing I will do during these 365 days! As I sat down to make the list it was pretty much done before I even started. Although the biggest task will be actually visiting these places in my lifetime. And when/if I go there finding and exploring the most intriguing places while there.

1. Acadia National Park

Photo credit: Joe Braun

2. Alaska or an Alaskan Cruise

Photo credit: Patrick Endres

3. Glacier National Park

Photo credit: nps.gov

4. Turks and Caicos

Photo credit: Sara Guo

5. Chicago, Illinois

Photo credit: Iwan Baan

6. Great Britain

Photo credit: Mirek Osmera

7. Paris, France

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn

8. Rome, Italy

Photo credit: AWL Images

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No credit found.

10. Patagonia

Photo credit: Marc Adamus

11. Serengeti National Park

No credit found.

12. Phuket, Thailand

Photo credit: Shutterstock

13. Great Wall of China

No credit found.

14. Ireland

Photo credit: Toni

15. Iceland

Photo credit: Iceland24Blog.com

16. Machu Picchu

Photo credit: Getty Images

17. Sydney, Australia

Photo credit: Alamy

18. Istanbul, Turkey

Photo credit: visit-Istanbul-turkey.com

19. St. Petersburg, Russia

Photo credit: Lonely Planet

20. Barcelona, Spain

Photo credit: Azamara Club Cruises

Clearly, I am a big city/National Park kind of person.

Anyone else out there have a list like this? Have more intriguing places? Share with me.

January 3rd: Bake a Cake

I am not particularly a baker, although I do enjoy cooking. But today’s thing I chose to check off my list of 365 things was bake a cake. Nothing from scratch… That might be a disaster. So I started with this:

The interesting thing is, I’ve never baked a cake in altitude so I had to consider the elevation and add some extra flour and subtract some of the vegetable oil out. That was a little terrifying. I thought “this cake is never going to rise correctly”. But low and behold… Out of the oven it came, pretty darn perfect.

Making the batter:

Out of the oven:

Adding the icing to first layer:

And the second layer:

To finish it off I figured I’d add a new year message so when I take it to work it means something. Turns out, writing on a cake with icing is MUCH harder than it looks.

It may not be pretty but hoping it’s delicious. I’m no Homemaker but trying and completing something that I don’t often do feels like an accomplishment. 

January 2nd: Walk Denver Capital Steps to 5,280

After living in Denver for over five years I have discovered there are still plenty of things I haven’t explored. Looking back on the time I lived in New York I regret not getting out more and exploring the city and I don’t want to look back at Denver in the same way. 

So today I cross one of those things off my list, Walking the Steps of Denver’s Capital Building. If you ever visit Denver or live here and have never done it, you should get out and easily make it happen.

If you walk the steps on the west side of the building you can stand at a mile high!

It was a great afternoon. Mia (my pup) and I walked around Civic Center Park and I took pictures! Hope you enjoy them.

January 1st: Create a Blog.

Well, here it is- 2017. I have my list and am here to stay for the year.

Sitting in my house in late December of 2016 I contemplated the upcoming New Year and reveled in the task of making resolutions. The same things came to me as they do every year: exercise more, lose weight, save money, etc.

As I recall each previous year I think of the first few months and how often resolutions fall by the wayside. So this year I am challenging myself a little more seriously.

I compiled a list of 365 Things to do in 2017.

Some for myself. Some for others. Some for my health. Some for fun. Some to avoid laziness. Some to be lazy.

One item on the list is “Create a Blog”. To get started I found a blog of how to create a blog for yourself that really helped me get started.

Blogging Basics 101

So as I step into this new adventure of a year I start it off with this, 365 Things in 2017. I hope some will follow me in this journey, maybe join me in some tasks, and support me as I try to make this resolution last!