March 7th: Swim at a Waterfall

Now this! This! Is something I have always wanted to do and what better place to swim at a waterfall than Hawai’i, particularly Maui.

It was an incredible day with tons of waterfalls as we drove along the Road to Hana. If you have never been and ever find yourself in Maui, I highly recommend taking a day and driving this road. If you have rented your own car, download the app: Shaka Guide App. It tells you great places to see, eat, explore, skip and has some tidbits of history and plays local music. I loved it!

The road itself is a very narrow, curvy and sometimes one lane trek through Maui’s rainforest. Here’s a very quick glance at the road itself:

Road to Hana

Stops along the road are amazing. Even just pull offs to catch a glimpse of the ocean or waterfalls in the distance.

View of falls

We came across this waterfall and it is where I decided to take my swim!

It was amazing! and freezing cold.

We saw some pretty amazing other sites along the way. The Black Sand Beach with lava tubes:

Black Sand Beach

Inside Lava Tube in Black Sand Beach

Ate some amazing fish and chips in the Nahiku Marketplace.

Nahiku Marketplace: Island Chef

Fish & Chips from Island Chef

Had ice cream made with coconut milk from Coconut Glen’s.

Coconut Glen’s

Coffee Toffee ice cream from Coconut Glen’s

There were some other amazing waterfalls too!

Overall, an amazing day- made even more amazing because I got to swim at a waterfall!

January 15th: Produce No Plastic Waste for a Week

This is important! And I truly wish I could set it as a goal for the whole year but I know how nearly impossible that could be. Not to say I will not try but if I can go a week maybe I can keep the ball rolling.

I found this article expressing 7 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste. I think one of the most important ones is reduce use of single use plastic products. Straws, water bottles, bags… the list is far too abundant.

I cut straws out over a year ago. It infuriates me when I automatically get one now in a restaurant. I definitely recycle every chance I get but this week will be all about not using any disposable plastic.

If any of you out there in blogger land can make this happen to it is significant what each of us can do. Do it!