March 7th: Swim at a Waterfall

Now this! This! Is something I have always wanted to do and what better place to swim at a waterfall than Hawai’i, particularly Maui.

It was an incredible day with tons of waterfalls as we drove along the Road to Hana. If you have never been and ever find yourself in Maui, I highly recommend taking a day and driving this road. If you have rented your own car, download the app: Shaka Guide App. It tells you great places to see, eat, explore, skip and has some tidbits of history and plays local music. I loved it!

The road itself is a very narrow, curvy and sometimes one lane trek through Maui’s rainforest. Here’s a very quick glance at the road itself:

Road to Hana

Stops along the road are amazing. Even just pull offs to catch a glimpse of the ocean or waterfalls in the distance.

View of falls

We came across this waterfall and it is where I decided to take my swim!

It was amazing! and freezing cold.

We saw some pretty amazing other sites along the way. The Black Sand Beach with lava tubes:

Black Sand Beach

Inside Lava Tube in Black Sand Beach

Ate some amazing fish and chips in the Nahiku Marketplace.

Nahiku Marketplace: Island Chef

Fish & Chips from Island Chef

Had ice cream made with coconut milk from Coconut Glen’s.

Coconut Glen’s

Coffee Toffee ice cream from Coconut Glen’s

There were some other amazing waterfalls too!

Overall, an amazing day- made even more amazing because I got to swim at a waterfall!

June 1st: Take a Mini Vacation

This is much needed!!! 

I arrived in Indianapolis where my sister, Nicole, and her three kids and husband live. It is going to be a quick 6 days but I am excited to be away from work and spend some time with these little ones… (plus one more not pictured)!

We have so much planned. An afternoon in the park, then my sister and brother-in-law go to Chicago for a concert while I watch the little ones… art time, movie and snacks, ice cream, Auntie sleepover… it’s going to be a blast. Then, weather permitting, Latern Festival (which is on my list and sold out in Denver!!), Wonder Woman movie day, soccer game with my sister’s league. 

It’s going to be a fun filled packed few days but great!

March 19th: Explore Google Earth

I am sure many of you out there have explored cities and monuments with Google Earth. I evidently am behind the times. But working now to catch up. 😂

If you have not explored with it, I suggest it. I just spent a few hours exploring lots of places and just got enthralled with it.

Also it seems like a good resource you could use if you were traveling somewhere. You could learn the layout of cities and help you get around! Or if you do not have the resources or ability to travel, it is a pretty cool way to see things in a more 3-Dimensional way than just looking at photographs.

Google Earth

January 4th: Make a List of 20 Places to Visit

Well, this might be the easiest thing I will do during these 365 days! As I sat down to make the list it was pretty much done before I even started. Although the biggest task will be actually visiting these places in my lifetime. And when/if I go there finding and exploring the most intriguing places while there.

1. Acadia National Park

Photo credit: Joe Braun

2. Alaska or an Alaskan Cruise

Photo credit: Patrick Endres

3. Glacier National Park

Photo credit:

4. Turks and Caicos

Photo credit: Sara Guo

5. Chicago, Illinois

Photo credit: Iwan Baan

6. Great Britain

Photo credit: Mirek Osmera

7. Paris, France

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn

8. Rome, Italy

Photo credit: AWL Images

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No credit found.

10. Patagonia

Photo credit: Marc Adamus

11. Serengeti National Park

No credit found.

12. Phuket, Thailand

Photo credit: Shutterstock

13. Great Wall of China

No credit found.

14. Ireland

Photo credit: Toni

15. Iceland

Photo credit:

16. Machu Picchu

Photo credit: Getty Images

17. Sydney, Australia

Photo credit: Alamy

18. Istanbul, Turkey

Photo credit:

19. St. Petersburg, Russia

Photo credit: Lonely Planet

20. Barcelona, Spain

Photo credit: Azamara Club Cruises

Clearly, I am a big city/National Park kind of person.

Anyone else out there have a list like this? Have more intriguing places? Share with me.