January 16th: Watch a New TV Series

It is the time of year when all kinds of new shows are coming out. I kind of try and find one once a year that catches my eye.

With all the different ways to watch shows and binge whole seasons I think it is intriguing to start a season from the beginning, when there are no spoilers and no one else has seen it either.

I heard about “The Passage” so thought I would give it a try… because, well hey, it has Zack Morris (shameful Saved by the Bell reference).

When just looking it up to find a picture to use as my photo I came across the book trilogy, so maybe it will drive me to read that too.

April 17th: Discover a New TV Series

There are not often new television series that draw my attention but I have been hearing a lot about Designated Survivor. So I watched episode one of it and am more than intrigued to see the rest of the season.

I am sure it will be one of those series I get obsessed with and binge watch and then I will get frustrated when I have to wait to watch the next episode or season. 😂