January 4th: Purge Contact List in My Phonebook

This one is simple. And it took me about 15 minutes, but it felt good after. I deleted quite a few people that I honestly did not even know who they were. But I also came across a lot of people that I have not talked to in a long time, who I might want to reconnect with soon.

Simple task. Simple rewards. But making sure to build on your life and do new things everyday continuously reminds me to not stay stagnate. A task a day, regardless of how small, seems to make a difference.

As for a my food intake today I might be going back to old habits, so I need to check myself. Anyway, here is Day Three of my one week food log challenge that I started on January 2nd:

Gyro Sandwich with potato salad

Small Farmhouse Salad with apple cider vingerette

Soft Pretzel Bites with beer musturd

3 Ciders

Ringing in the New Year

Sooooo. I was going strong all year and fell apart pretty quickly around mid-year. I think it all happened after I bought a house, which I can’t say is a bad thing. I bought a house!!!! And that is a bigger accomplish for my year than I could have ever imagined.

Anyway, I have 190 things left on my list from this year and clearly, I am not going to finish those. So, I will be rolling those things left over, building a new list and starting over on January 1st. All in all, I think it is great to have new goals for the year and even if I don’t get through all of them, doing over 175 new things this year was quite an accomplishment. I plan to add some of the big challenges back into my list and try and get through even more this year!

On to 2018!

June 13th: Start a New Savings Account with Money Made Today

Holy behind in time!

I have been a busy, busy girl and am nearly TWO MONTHS behind in my 365 things for the year but there is no better time than now to catch up. Let’s see if I can do it. Starting by checking off another simple task for the year. New savings account created!

Cannot wait to revisit my list and get some stuff going… and just wait, I did check off some HUGE things and cannot wait to share those moments.

June 4th: Go Zip Lining

Oh boy, it has been a great weekend.

Time away from work, time with my sister and time with my nieces. Plus, super fun activities.

Today, my sister and I went zip lining in Anderson, Indiana. It was a lot of fun and we got to do the longest, fastest zip line in the Midwest! 

Bonus: it just so happens that all the things just happen to be things on my list!