March 11th: Discover a New Artist

Well, I have slightly fallen behind on my blog posting… so just trying to catch up. 

One thing I added to the list for a very specific purpose was Discover a New Artist. This can mean so many things to different people… discover new music, new paintings, new famous works… but for me it is about discovering new local, small business artists that are trying to make a life from their art. 

I have had various jobs in the art world. I have a degree in Photography and in Arts Management but far too often it falls by the wayside and I concentrate too much of my life on making money than making art. I am positive many artists fall victim to this and that is why I find it so important to support artists. 

Anyway, enough of the rant… I have discussed this before, particularly with my post earlier in the year when I answered questions that will free your mind. Because as awesome as that list of questions was and truly did open up my mind, it also showed me how I close myself off to things that I truly want. But there I go again, continuing the rant…

So let me just get to the point at hand- discovering a new artist. 

I found this local photographer, Wilsonapxe Photography. I am stunned by the night images and just blown away by the colors.

Interestingly I just stumbled upon this photography but when I got into the page I discovered that Westword Magazine just named the photographer one of the top “instagrammers” in Denver. Now I have to follow! Maybe you should too… Instagram handle, @wilsonaxpe ! 

January 13th: Make Chalkboard Art

Well, this was not exactly what I had in mind when I added Make Chalkboard Art to my list, but it definitely fits the category and was more fun than just writing or drawing on the board (which I still have to do at some point anyway).

So the last few days I have been working with a refurbished home store down the street from where I work. I went through bins and bins of old frame pieces they had and pieced them together to make one big frame. I painted the wall in the bar I work at with chalkboard paint and then hung the frame around it. 

The bar I work at is changing our beer menu drastically and the taps will be rotating to a different beer every keg, so we needed a spot to write them so customers could see and know when we have something new!

This is going to be so cool!

It actually turned out better than I could have hoped! This weekend I will actually be writing in the content to fill the chalkboard. 

Here’s some other photos I took to get an idea of how it looks a little closer up.

I’ll post a picture sometime later to show the writing in there too!