January 5th: Make French Toast

I will leave this one behind as something I get when I go out to brunch. It wasn’t horrible but I have definitely had better.

I got a simple recipe online: Add a Pinch – Perfect French Toast.

The recipe was easy and delicious but the cooking time was what I had a problem with. It said to cook on each side for 2-3 minutes. I did that and the toast had a nice golden/brown color, but the inside was mushy.

Maybe I will try again another day but for now, I’ll continue letting brunch professionals make me French toast (which, I cannot even remember the last time I actually ate French toast and I really don’t have it often, but it is a splurge kind of thing so when I have it I want it to be spectacular…)

January 6th: Eat Breakfast Every Morning for a Week

I know it is something most people do on a regular basis but being a bartender often tends to lead to late nights and late mornings.

The new pup in the house is changing up the daily routine. I am waking up earlier so we can go on walks. I thought this was a perfect time to check this one off the list and hopefully start a new trend to last the year.

I made an egg sandwich this morning.

Fast and delicious. I probably need to go out and buy some other breakfast foods though.

I think, however, this will lead to more afternoon naps. But I’m ok with that because Bella is ready for naps too.

Best of luck to all of you out there still working on resolutions.

March 18th: Try a New Kind of Cereal

I have never been a huge breakfast person. My lifestyle as a bartender has often catered to morning being aroun 11, so breaskfast often seems to pass me by. Of course I love the occasional brunch or fancy breakfast but know how important eating breakfast can be.

So trying a a new cereal can have more benefits than just the simple task of trying something new.

How important is breakfast? I found some interesting reads:

Why breakfast is so important-
The Many Benefits of Breakfast
Overall these simple things are something that overtime can improve life or how one feels day to day.

I am so excited spring is here! There are so many fun things coming up on my list!