January 28th: Go for a Long Walk

Walks have definitely been in the mix a lot more since getting Bella. Everyday getting a little longer to tire this incredibly active doggie.

Today we attempted a long one with Mia in stride to try and get them more comfortable with each other. They both love it.

We went over two miles and by the end they were walking side by side with no problems and ready for a nap when we got home.

Amazing how a new dog can change your life. It can be exhausting by snuggles and exercise are making it all worth it.

May 25th: Give Dog a Bath

Mia is not very happy with me today but she is clean. 🐢❀️😎

She very rarely gets dirty and has a coat that stay relatively clean, so doesn’t often need a bath. But she needs one every once in a while.

So I took her down to a new Self Dog Wash today and gave her a bath.

It was strange, she smiled nearly the whole time…  no pictures available because it was hard enough to hold her down and wash, let alone take photos.

But here’s a great one once we got back in the car. She looks like she hates me.

But look at that fluffy, clean coat!

March 30th: Teach Dog a New Trick

Everyone knows the saying… “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, I am attempting to break that stereotype! And honestly, I can see why that is a saying.

Mia just turned 7 in February and has always been a pretty well behaved dog, spare some chewing on things and barking incessantly at the mailman everyday. 

Regardless, she has always know how to sit, shake, hi-five, and lay down. So the other day I really wanted to get her to learn “kiss”. She had never really been a dog that licks but I would just like to teach her to “kiss” on command. I worked on it for quite a while the other day… she is kissing now, but I do not think she actually knows what she is doing. Not like she does when she sits or shakes.

If anyone has some good tips for teaching dogs tricks please share them!

February 21st: Visit a New Dog Park

Today is my dogs 8 year adoption birthday! I got her when she was two months old… she was the cutest little thing.

So eight years later I cannot imagine my life without her. So what better day to check this off my list than today?!? I found a new park just a couple miles from my house. There were no dogs there so it was kind of nice for Mia to run around, but also wish she could have had some dogs to run with…

We went to Good Times after and got a peanut butter, dog treat, ice cream sundae! Quite the birthday for the little one.

February 14th: Go on a Doggie Playdate

I think this date was maybe more for my friend Sara and I than the dogs because they did not seem too interested in each other. It was wonderful though. It was gorgeous outside so we went to a dog park close to both our houses. There is a big lake there so after letting the dogs run for a while we walked around the lake, which got my 20 minute walk in for the day. 

Today marks half way to my month of no drinking, although I have a cheat day coming up so not sure if it really counts. But it has been great. Mia definitely enjoys me being home and not galavanting around.

Anyway, Happy Valentines Day to you all. I hope your day was full of love! ❀