June 20th: Hangout on a Rooftop Patio

This is probably the coolest rooftop patio in Denver to hang out on. The Tavern Rooftop Patio at Coors Field is so fun!

Photo from MLB.com.

I went to a service industry tailgate party with some former coworkers from a different place than I work at now:

It was a really fun time! And the view from the rooftop is great:

Good times!

January 26th: Drink Nothing but Water Today

Aside from my morning smoothie, which has become a necessity now a days, particularly because I’m not eating meat and the smoothie is a great source of protein… today I drink nothing but water! 

Since it’s 7pm I am pretty much already there. Big glass of water with dinner and then water to go to bed and I have done my task for the day!

I watched an interesting video this morning too to kick it off. The person who created the video tested the pH level of different bottled water. You should all watch it, it is super interesting!

pH Level in Bottled Waters

But also, you should read these 10 Benefits of Drinking Water!

Or 34 Proven Ways Water Makes You Awesome that are not all about just drinking it.