August 26th: Eat at Vesta

So I came across this restaurant a couple years ago in downtown Denver called Vesta. I do not remember why but it really caught my eye and I have been meaning to try it ever since. 

Today is my birthday, so no better day than today. Holy goodness, it was so delicious!

Six friends came along. They had a 38 ounce ribeye that sounded just amazing! So three of us shared it. 

The idea of the restaurant is that it’s a “dipping” restaurant so most of the dishes come with lots of sauces and you dip everything. The steak was great. We also got dipping sauces with pita bread, a huge charcuterie plate and amazing dessert.

The best part though, my friends spending a great birthday with me and enjoying great food.


June 10th: Go to New Denver Central Market

Well, it is not really new anymore but definitely new to me.

I do not know what took me so long, because now that I have been there I just might be stopping in daily!

It is only 5 blocks from where I work and just an amazing assortment of things to eat, drink, take home, and buy as gifts. 

It was kind of hard to pick where to eat and then even more difficult to pick what to eat once I picked the place.

But the very last place, SK Provisions had pork tacos and I couldn’t resist…

Clearly, they were good…

The best part: once you got your food you could go sit out on the patio outside or in the “dining room” in the main area. And if you are with friends, everyone can pick their food of choice and then all meet up to eat together.

I will most definitely be back and if you are in Denver you should try it too!

April 23rd: Learn to Cook a New Dish

So I searched Pinterest and it did not take very long to find a recipe that sounded intriguing. 

Everyone should try this recipe for Brown Sugar Pineapple Chicken from Carlsbad Cravings website.

It was pretty sweet for me, so I added a good amount of extra sambal, Asian chili, and I absolutely loved it. 

Here’s my photo steps but check out the recipe link above for the full ingredients, step by step instructions, and all the details. I’m no professional chef but I think mine turned out pretty well. Also, I bought Archer Farms Basmati Rice for the first time. It comes in a bag you can throw in the microwave for just two minutes and it was delicious!

March 22nd: Eat Bacon

I know. I know. Should be like the easiest task to complete, right?

Except I am one of the few people, as I have commonly found people are astonished when they find out, that does not like bacon.

I have tried it lots of ways… and have just never had a taste for it.

People have called me unamerican for a hatred for such a beloved breakfast food but I still have an unbelievable time even eating food that has small traces of it on it.

That being said, when I was making my list for the year a friend urged, pleaded, even nearly begged that I add “eat bacon” to the list. So I did and today I tried… to no real advantage. Still do not like it. 

Regardless, let’s just read some Interesting Facts About Bacon.

February 2nd: Invent a Sandwich

So I’m at work a lot and end up eating at work far too often. Our menu is pretty large… pizza, sandwiches, salads, and some appetizers. But since I have been eating vegetarian is has become increasingly harder to eat a good variety of things. So I thought today was a good day to cross this one off my list: Invent a New Sandwich. Of course, I’m not saying I am the first person ever to eat a sandwich like this… I’m sure it is out there somewhere, but it is different and feels like a small little invention. So for lunch today I had:



Sundried Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes


Red Onions

Pesto Sauce


Fresh Whole Milk Mozzerella

Mmmm- toasted on a fresh made whole wheat baguette. It was yummy!