June 10th: Go to New Denver Central Market

Well, it is not really new anymore but definitely new to me.

I do not know what took me so long, because now that I have been there I just might be stopping in daily!

It is only 5 blocks from where I work and just an amazing assortment of things to eat, drink, take home, and buy as gifts. 

It was kind of hard to pick where to eat and then even more difficult to pick what to eat once I picked the place.

But the very last place, SK Provisions had pork tacos and I couldn’t resist…

Clearly, they were good…

The best part: once you got your food you could go sit out on the patio outside or in the “dining room” in the main area. And if you are with friends, everyone can pick their food of choice and then all meet up to eat together.

I will most definitely be back and if you are in Denver you should try it too!

January 25th: Write a Nice Review About a Business

A new spot just opened up in the neighborhood I work in. I tried it after the Women’s March on Saturday and then again yesterday because I loved it so much the first time. I thought this would be a great opportunity to check this item off my list. 

Gave a view on their Facebook page. I figured they would use some boasting.

Here’s the review: Review of CHUBurger.

If you live in Denver you should definitely check this place out!