January 30th: Keep the Windows Open for the Afternoon

Wow, what a gorgeous day today in Colorado! Monday is my “day off” meaning I do not have to go into the bar but I stay at home doing my marketing planning for the bar for the week. 

So my roommate is out of town… Mia and I have the house to ourselves, well, plus the two kitties, Beans and Katniss. Anyway, I opened up the windows and did my work for the day… taking a break every once in a while to work on my SECOND scarf, because yes, I already finished number one.

But it was in the 60s today! It was refreshing to get fresh air even though I did not really have time to spend the afternoon outside.

Now the temperature is dropping, so probabaly time to shut the windows. But it was nice for the day and something I definitely recommend when you can get the right weather!