May 4th: Make Fresh Fruit Water

If I’ve said it once, I’ve probably said it like a hundred times this year… trying and exploring things like this makes me realize all the things out there that I can be doing on a regular basis that can help me feel better or live healthier.

I drank so much extra water today because it tasted so good. All I did was cut up a whole lemon and dropped in four raspberries. I let it sit for a couple hours and then when I drank all the water I just refilled with the same fruit. It stayed delicious all day.

Here’s some recipes for other waters: Infused Water Ideas.

April 10th: Try a New Fruit

It was pretty difficult to find a fruit at the market that I had not had before. I am sure there are tons of fruits out there that I have not had, but I knew finding them at traditional markets would be difficult.

Interestingly, I found passionfruit at Sprouts. And even though I have had passion fruit flavored things before I have never actually just eaten the fruit. 

First of all, I had to look up How to Eat Passionfruit. Thankful wikiHow had it down in steps.

I thought they were bigger…

And I thought it was more “meaty”. But it is really just a pulpy, juicy mixture with seeds.

It was much more tart than I expected but really delicious. Plus, who knew all these benefits:

I might be buying more passionfruit on a regular basis… even though I was $1.99 per piece…