January 31st: Try a New Restuarant

Hooray!!! Today marks a full month of doing one item on my list of 365 Things everyday! It has been an interesting run so far but looking back, a lot of the things have been focused on food and/or asking friends for suggestions on things. 

I think it was important to do most of these in the first month because now I have great books, music, and soon recipes to experience throughout the year. Also, I’m working on scarves for all my nieces and nephews with my new found knitting skills. 

I am really looking forward to February. It’s going to be more challenging than January but that is what is going to make it great. 

Thanks for following me this far, I hope you continue to follow me throughout the year.

Today I visited a new restaurant I had never been to, Himchuli- Indian and Nepali Cuisine. They have a great buffet for just $10 with lots of vegetarian options.

The best part about lunch though was getting to see my old boss and good friend Kelly! We do not see each other often but when we do it is always so good to catch up. 

Plus, a few of my things for the year have now been set in place after some things we talked about. 

It was a great day! I am off to work. Excited for a new month and new adventures and goals to reach.