April 24th: Listen to Ambient Noise for a Few Hours

This might be one of my new favorite things.

I have been living in Colorado for over five years now and one thing I miss about Florida is the sound of rain… nearly all the time. So in my search to complete this I found this video of TEN HOURS of rain and light thunder.

Ambient Noise – Rain
It is so calming and soothing. I fell asleep and stayed asleep for a long time, which I do not do often. But then listen to it again when I wake up as a sort of meditation. The funny thing is, I half expect to walk outside to a rain shower… 😂☔️

March 9th: Lay Down and Listen to Music

This is quite possibly one of the most relaxing things I could have done for myself. It is almost meditative. As with almost everything else on my list, I almost always say, I should do this more often! And I should. I need more me time, time to just relax, stop thinking, and just breathe. 

As I get deeper and deeper into the year I realize that this list is going to be hard to keep up with but I think if I keep at it my life will be better for it.