March 6th: Listen to Jazz

So this should be a daily habit now that I have a record player… but I just do not have enough good stuff. I have spent the last hour or so doing some graphic work and marketing stuff… and have just been walking to the living room to flip my Miles Davis record over, again and again.

There is something relaxing about jazz, even in the moments when things are heightened and almost edgy. There still seems to be a sense of relaxation from song to song. Anyway, here is my task for the day: Listen to Jazz and that is what I am doing… and probably will be doing for the next few hours before I hit the pillow and get some zzz’s.

I am still in my 30 days of purging items and I would say it is going rather well. I keep getting to different areas of my room, or closet, or kitchen space… and kind of just throwing everything away. It feels good to minimalize.

Bonus for today: I decided to grab two bags out of my closet, see what was in them, and throw out what I could. I only ended up throwing away one old box of unused black and white photographic paper… I am pretty sure by now it has become exposed and would not print anything anyway. But I found multiple boxes of my old darkroom prints from college. I did not go through them yet, but I will, and am excited to see what is in there. I will probably throw a bunch away. But maybe I will put others up on my Facebook or Instagram and try to sell them! I think there is some good stuff in there!

February 13th: Listen to a Record

This is so very exciting! My record player came last week and today I went and bought my first ever record. I bought Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” because it was recommended to me.

I am so excited… I am already listening. I am going to listen the rest of the night while I get some work done. 

If anyone has some recommendations for other records, let me know! It will grow slowly, but I am excited to get a record collection going!

On side notes, I did my walk today on the golf course. It was a tad bit cold but a nice day to get out and golf. As of tomorrow I have two weeks left of no alcohol, except my second cheat day for the month… and it is going very well. Knitting and reading books on my list from January have kept me occupied. Plus, I work a ton, as always, so that keeps me preoccupied.