February 13th: Listen to a Record

This is so very exciting! My record player came last week and today I went and bought my first ever record. I bought Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” because it was recommended to me.

I am so excited… I am already listening. I am going to listen the rest of the night while I get some work done. 

If anyone has some recommendations for other records, let me know! It will grow slowly, but I am excited to get a record collection going!

On side notes, I did my walk today on the golf course. It was a tad bit cold but a nice day to get out and golf. As of tomorrow I have two weeks left of no alcohol, except my second cheat day for the month… and it is going very well. Knitting and reading books on my list from January have kept me occupied. Plus, I work a ton, as always, so that keeps me preoccupied.