March 4th: Try a New Golf Course

This week has been amazing and it is only Wednesday. So much more to come. We did a lot of things today but one was we went golfing. Trying a new golf course has been on my list for years and I never cross it off because I just always stick with the norm. Being on vacation helps to get out of the norm.

We went to Pukalani Country Club in Maui. It was a great value for being on Maui and had great views.

It was so gorgeous. I felt like I was golfing in a rainforest.

There were so many tropical plants, trees and even chickens!

It was a great day even though it rained for about 8 of the holes. We finished and I even had a decent round!

Beautiful day!

January 19th: No Soda for a Month

Here we go. I’ve been eating breakfast regularly, drinking apple cider vinegar every morning, taking vitamins! I lasted the week long that I challenged myself to for those challenges and even still continuing them the best I can. But now I am adding another- no soda for a month (I will still drink soda water) but no sugary colas.

January 4th: Treat Yourself to Lunch

I started this journey two years ago on January 1st of 2017. The December coming up to that new year I compiled a list of 365 things that I had either never done, goals I wanted to accomplish or resolutions I wanted to set for the year. In that first year I accomplished just over 200 of them. It was hard some days… other days it was super easy.

Coming up onto 2018 I realized I was never going to cross them all off. So I added new ones and in some cases repeated ones that I wanted to make sure to repeat. 2018 was hectic. After crossing off “Buy a House” in 2017, 2018 became a lot about renovating and costly expenses, particularly mortgage costs. Through the year I only crossed off 60 things.

Now that 2019 is here I am restarting the list and hoping to spend the year concentrating on positive reinforcement things and goals. Continuing DIY projects for my house, garden and property will be a major part but I will also concentrate improving myself through month long resolutions, like purging one item a day for a month that I started on the first. But I also want to make sure to think about things I can do for myself that positively reinforce life. I do not want everyday to be about what I can do to improve or “fix” myself. I think it is also important at to do things that make me feel good or give me a sense of positivity.

So, really, that long wonder blog for the day just boils down to my thing for today- “Treat Yourself to Lunch”. I went out this afternoon and had a nice lunch at Buchi Cuban Cafe. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive- but a nice change up from either not even eating lunch or something thrown together at home. I went and had a delicious lunch by myself. I just set out from my house with no known destination and as I drive by Buchi’s (which I had been to before) I remember how much I enjoyed the establishment. It is owned by a Floridian and kind of reminds me home.

Nice how such a simple thing for the day gave me a positive feeling and put me in a good mood about having to go to work tonight.

June 25th: Run a 5K

This event meant so much more to me than simply running a 5K. 

I did a 5K for Melanoma Research Foundation. I talked about it earlier this year when I decided to raise money for the group. But the experience today surpassed anything I could have expected.

I ran for me (I am a melanoma survivor), I ran for my friend Kelly, whose father passed away from melanoma, and I just ran for anyone that deals with this horrible disease.

It was a beautiful day. Our team had a great time and raised a lot of money.

February 1st: No Alcohol for a Month

Here we go!

This is pretty self explanatory.

I am allowing myself two cheat days, this Sunday… because, yea, it’s Super Bowl Sunday 🏈😉. And February 21st. We have an event at work that night that is literally a beer tasting. Plus, I think with anything, giving yourself some leyway helps you actually achieve your goal better. Or I am just making up excuses to have two cheat days. Either way, who makes the rules around here? Me. So we are going with that.

Hoping to detox and save money!

January 23rd: Do All My Laundry

Well, my ninth load of laundry for the day is in the washer. This was not exactly the most fun thing to cross off my list but felt super productive and like an accomplishment for sure. Sadly, it’s been far too long since I’ve had all of my laundry done… to often I put it off and let things pile up. It feels great to have everything clean and in order. I cannot wait to do something fun tomorrow. 😉

On a side note, I finished knitting one entire scarf today, I just have to add the fringe, which I have to get back together with Elisa (who taught me) to figure out how to end the scarf and add the tassels. It took much shorter of a time than I thought, so hopefully my goal of knitting 8 by next winter will happen pretty quickly. It might just be weird when I have eight scarf gifts ready this summer…

January 10th: Subscribe to a Magazine

I used to get a lot of different magazines when I was a kid but it has been a while since I have subscribed to one and had it sent to me. It was actually really hard picking one because there is so much out there, so I went with a classic, Time.

It feels weird to subscribe to something because of the time we live in. Magazines and newspapers seem outdated by the time they hit the press. But I think it will be nice to get something weekly and not have to follow every piece of information online so religiously (especially with how hard it has become to sift through real and fake news). 

I look forward to the next 52 weeks of the magazine, and for only $30. It is nearly the same price as when it was first released.

January 9th: Watch a Foreign Film

Thanks to my friend Jason I was able to easily knock watch a foreign film off my list!

I borrowed Pan’s Labyrinth (Spanish), Cinema Paradiso (Italian), and Amelie (French). I started with Pan’s Labyrinth and after that monstrosity of a movie I am going to have to wait until another night to check out the other two.

I would highly recommend Pan’s Labyrinth to anyone It is so hard to describe but perhaps the best way is a Fantasy/Drama. It felt like Alice in Wonderland meets some World War II Story meets Stephen King meets The Grimm Brothers. It was beautiful.

As a side note, the subtitles did not bother me at all. I felt as though it flowed well. I rarely thought about the fact it was not in English. Maybe that was particular to this movie, but I suppose I will see when I get around to watching the other two. Also, I happened to read that the director, Guillermo del Toro, did the subtitles himself so that he could have full control over the translation into English.

Regardless, top notch. Go find it! Watch it. And then hide from the underworld and oppressive military captains for the rest of the evening…

Here is a preview if you are interested: Pan’s Labyrinth Trailer. But I don’t think this does it justice. It is weird that it is in English and it slightly diminishes the beauty and surrealism of the actual movie. You will just have to watch the movie to get the real effect.

January 1st: Create a Blog.

Well, here it is- 2017. I have my list and am here to stay for the year.

Sitting in my house in late December of 2016 I contemplated the upcoming New Year and reveled in the task of making resolutions. The same things came to me as they do every year: exercise more, lose weight, save money, etc.

As I recall each previous year I think of the first few months and how often resolutions fall by the wayside. So this year I am challenging myself a little more seriously.

I compiled a list of 365 Things to do in 2017.

Some for myself. Some for others. Some for my health. Some for fun. Some to avoid laziness. Some to be lazy.

One item on the list is “Create a Blog”. To get started I found a blog of how to create a blog for yourself that really helped me get started.

Blogging Basics 101

So as I step into this new adventure of a year I start it off with this, 365 Things in 2017. I hope some will follow me in this journey, maybe join me in some tasks, and support me as I try to make this resolution last!