June 12th: Try a New Sport

Some may not consider this a sport, but after completing on CrossFit class today, I say pssshhhh to that.

It was so intense and difficult and rewarding and body crushing and body building… there are so many ways to describe this… but over all those things alone classify it as a sport to me.

So today was day one, but I signed up for a six week challenge. I am excited and scared and really just hoping I complete it.

I found the program on Facebook and am really pleased with the place that I found CrossFit Eminence.

The coach today was great, inspirational, dedicated, and very understanding of my abilities (or lack there of).

I can’t wait for the rest of the classes!

May 29th: Discover a New Podcast

So I went into iTunes and just chose Comedy… I felt like something funny today. I found a podcast called Barely Friending and it is pretty great.

I actually ended up listening to the first two which were “Worst Thing a Friend has Done” and “Worst and Best Vacations”. 

It’s pretty great. Each of the hosts tells a story of their own and then they read one from audience members too.

There is over 100 episodes… definitely something I could listen to for a while!

May 18th: Try Cucumber over Eyes

Wow, I understand the term “cool as a cucumber” a little more after that experience. Cucumbers really are cooling, almost chilly. 

Anyway, in all honesty when I added this thing to my list at the end of last year I actually had no idea why people did this, I just knew they did and thought it was something I should try.

So I looked up how and why and all the normals questions and got this info:

Putting Cucumbers on Your Eyes
I actually don’t really have dark circles, or puffy eyes, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. 

It is cool and refreshing. And it is just nice to sit eyes closed for 15 minutes, not being blue to open your eyes… somewhat meditative. 

I recommend it. Plus, the site has lots of other benefits of using cucumbers in a variety of ways.

April 20th: Eat an Ice Cream Cone

I am not a huge dessert person. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE dessert. I just don’t eat it often because well, you know, weight gain and all that. 

Anyway, today was a day to just have an ice cream cone. So I headed down to this little ice cream shop in Washington Park area of Denver called Bonnie Brad Ice Cream. It has been around for 30 years. They make all the ice cream in house! It is so good!

I got my favorite… mint chocolate chip in a chocolate waffle cone. OH MY! It was so delicious. 

Some days it is just the small things we can do for ourselves that make the day and life better.

April 10th: Try a New Fruit

It was pretty difficult to find a fruit at the market that I had not had before. I am sure there are tons of fruits out there that I have not had, but I knew finding them at traditional markets would be difficult.

Interestingly, I found passionfruit at Sprouts. And even though I have had passion fruit flavored things before I have never actually just eaten the fruit. 

First of all, I had to look up How to Eat Passionfruit. Thankful wikiHow had it down in steps.

I thought they were bigger…

And I thought it was more “meaty”. But it is really just a pulpy, juicy mixture with seeds.

It was much more tart than I expected but really delicious. Plus, who knew all these benefits:

I might be buying more passionfruit on a regular basis… even though I was $1.99 per piece…

March 27th: Eat Dessert from a Fancy Bakery

Some things we do for ourselves are for our health. Others for our sanity. And others for our careers. Some for our families or friends. Or our pets.

But some days we just need to do  hints for ourselves that is just because. Just for us. Just to make our day a little happier.

Today was one of those days. I found this cute little cupcake bakery, Happy Bakeshop, in the Highlands.

I had two delicious cupcakes… that is right TWO.

One was banana nut with peanut butter icing and the other carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Both yummy!

March 22nd: Eat Bacon

I know. I know. Should be like the easiest task to complete, right?

Except I am one of the few people, as I have commonly found people are astonished when they find out, that does not like bacon.

I have tried it lots of ways… and have just never had a taste for it.

People have called me unamerican for a hatred for such a beloved breakfast food but I still have an unbelievable time even eating food that has small traces of it on it.

That being said, when I was making my list for the year a friend urged, pleaded, even nearly begged that I add “eat bacon” to the list. So I did and today I tried… to no real advantage. Still do not like it. 

Regardless, let’s just read some Interesting Facts About Bacon.

March 6th: Listen to Jazz

So this should be a daily habit now that I have a record player… but I just do not have enough good stuff. I have spent the last hour or so doing some graphic work and marketing stuff… and have just been walking to the living room to flip my Miles Davis record over, again and again.

There is something relaxing about jazz, even in the moments when things are heightened and almost edgy. There still seems to be a sense of relaxation from song to song. Anyway, here is my task for the day: Listen to Jazz and that is what I am doing… and probably will be doing for the next few hours before I hit the pillow and get some zzz’s.

I am still in my 30 days of purging items and I would say it is going rather well. I keep getting to different areas of my room, or closet, or kitchen space… and kind of just throwing everything away. It feels good to minimalize.

Bonus for today: I decided to grab two bags out of my closet, see what was in them, and throw out what I could. I only ended up throwing away one old box of unused black and white photographic paper… I am pretty sure by now it has become exposed and would not print anything anyway. But I found multiple boxes of my old darkroom prints from college. I did not go through them yet, but I will, and am excited to see what is in there. I will probably throw a bunch away. But maybe I will put others up on my Facebook or Instagram and try to sell them! I think there is some good stuff in there!

February 23rd: Listen to “Stuff You Should Know” Podcast

This was something that as I was making my list and researching other things that people who made “to-do lists” had done I came across. I do not know what I was expecting… I actually have never listened to a Podcast before… I know, I know, what century was I born in? Evidently, I am just a little late to this Podcast Party. But I have to say I found it quite interesting. I really had no idea where to start, because “Stuff You Should Know” has so many topics, nearly none of them having anything to do with each other. So I kind of just winged it and chose one.

I listened to “How Continents Got Their Names”. Now I am listening to “Mermaids: Not a Real Thing”. It is interesting but I listened to the first one as I was doing some graphic design work and now I am listening to the new one as I type this. I just do not know if  am really a podcast person, I do not feel like I can just sit and listen to it without doing something else. Ugh, the plight of our generation stems from our constant need to multitask and not concentrating fully on something, with intent.

Which, is an interesting topic all to itself… and something I actually studied when I was working on my masters. Here are some interesting facts or ideas about the Problems with Multitasking. Or The True Cost of Multitasking. There are many articles out there about it- just google “why multitasking is bad”.

Interestingly, this task today has gotten very off task. Anyway, if you have interest and can keep your interest peaked a little bit better than me this is a podcast that came greatly recommended by a lot of research.

Stuff You Should Know

I think the great thing about this podcast is the breadth of information is so diverse. Almost every episode is a completely new topic that has nothing to do with anything that they have ever talked about before. It must be truly interesting to have their jobs.


January 20th: Try a New Beer

Mmmm. Beer.

Cannot complain about today, I ventured out and tried a new beer, which was not hard considering we got a new beer in at work. So I tried Scarab Red by a local Denver brewery, Oasis Brew Company.

It is a special blend of British Caramel Malts, a luscious texture and brilliant cooper color with a distinctive rich malt finish. (The brewery’s words, not mine)!

Pretty delicious. I might just have another. 😉🍺🌟

January 10th: Subscribe to a Magazine

I used to get a lot of different magazines when I was a kid but it has been a while since I have subscribed to one and had it sent to me. It was actually really hard picking one because there is so much out there, so I went with a classic, Time.

It feels weird to subscribe to something because of the time we live in. Magazines and newspapers seem outdated by the time they hit the press. But I think it will be nice to get something weekly and not have to follow every piece of information online so religiously (especially with how hard it has become to sift through real and fake news). 

I look forward to the next 52 weeks of the magazine, and for only $30. It is nearly the same price as when it was first released.