March 10th: Eat Vegetarian for a Month

This is going to be hard! But let’s see how it goes!

I found this article that outlines some pros and cons of eating vegetarian: Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism. For the most part, it seems important to replace meat with high protein foods and lots of fruits and vegetables, rather than sugary, fatty and sweet foods.

I also found this graph of a good serving size of items to eat.


Hopefully, it will help me eat healthier! I think mostly I will need to make sure I get enough protein. Wish me luck, I’ll keep posting as the month goes on and I complete other things as well.

February 2nd: Invent a Sandwich

So I’m at work a lot and end up eating at work far too often. Our menu is pretty large… pizza, sandwiches, salads, and some appetizers. But since I have been eating vegetarian is has become increasingly harder to eat a good variety of things. So I thought today was a good day to cross this one off my list: Invent a New Sandwich. Of course, I’m not saying I am the first person ever to eat a sandwich like this… I’m sure it is out there somewhere, but it is different and feels like a small little invention. So for lunch today I had:



Sundried Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes


Red Onions

Pesto Sauce


Fresh Whole Milk Mozzerella

Mmmm- toasted on a fresh made whole wheat baguette. It was yummy!

January 7th: Try a New Place for Lunch

There didn’t seem a better time than during my week of trying out vegetarianism to try a new spot for lunch. 

So I went to trusty Google and searched for “Vegetarian Restaurants”. There are plenty of options in Denver. Although it’s a chain, albeit one I had never heard of, Native Foods Cafe, really caught my attention. They have a huge selection of items that just don’t sound vegetarian at all… something that catches my eye as a meat eater attempting to make this week happen.

So I ventured out and ordered a Soul Bowl  and some surprisingly delicious Iced Green Tea.

I truly meant to take pictures but when the food came I couldn’t contain myself. The variety of fresh veggies, rice, beans, and their “Native Chicken” pulled me in. It was a delicious lunch and a spot I would try again, even outside of this week of no meat.

As a plus, the staff was super friendly and the vibe was very relaxed. It made my little day adventure of finding a new lunch spot even more special.

January 6th: Eat Vegetarian for a Week

Eating vegetarian for a week is my first big challenge for the year. One week does not seem like very long but for those that know me, I am very much a meat eater.

But I have heard and can imagine the health benefits of going vegetarian or cutting out meat on a regular basis.

I am going to start with a week and go from there.

To be specific I am trying Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, meaning I can still eat eggs and dairy products but no meat, including fish.

Here’s a couple articles I found to help me along the way, as well as anyone else out there that might want to try it out.

Vegetarian Diet – Mayo Clinic

8 Foods Every Vegetarian Should Eat

5 Risky Mistakes Vegetarians Make

Vegetarian Food Pryamid