January 2nd: Drink 64oz of Water Everyday for a Week

I think a huge part of everyone’s new year’s resolutions is always to be healthier. A lot of the time I think we make these outlandish, impossible to reach goals and then feel like a failure when we don’t reach them.

So instead of putting out there I am going to lose 50 lbs or exercise EVERYDAY, I’m just going to say I am going to strive to be healthier.

I think this task, drinking 64 oz of water everyday is a great way to kick that off. To help me, I am going to go buy some new water bottles and some strawberries, lemon and mint. I’m going to chop up the fruits and put it in the water bottle and let it rest. It adds great flavor to the water without making it bad for you, and will make it easier to drink!

I am resolving to do this for one week, but hopefully I can make it a habit!

May 4th: Make Fresh Fruit Water

If I’ve said it once, I’ve probably said it like a hundred times this year… trying and exploring things like this makes me realize all the things out there that I can be doing on a regular basis that can help me feel better or live healthier.

I drank so much extra water today because it tasted so good. All I did was cut up a whole lemon and dropped in four raspberries. I let it sit for a couple hours and then when I drank all the water I just refilled with the same fruit. It stayed delicious all day.

Here’s some recipes for other waters: Infused Water Ideas.

January 26th: Drink Nothing but Water Today

Aside from my morning smoothie, which has become a necessity now a days, particularly because I’m not eating meat and the smoothie is a great source of protein… today I drink nothing but water! 

Since it’s 7pm I am pretty much already there. Big glass of water with dinner and then water to go to bed and I have done my task for the day!

I watched an interesting video this morning too to kick it off. The person who created the video tested the pH level of different bottled water. You should all watch it, it is super interesting!

pH Level in Bottled Waters

But also, you should read these 10 Benefits of Drinking Water!

Or 34 Proven Ways Water Makes You Awesome that are not all about just drinking it.