February 23rd: Listen to “Stuff You Should Know” Podcast

This was something that as I was making my list and researching other things that people who made “to-do lists” had done I came across. I do not know what I was expecting… I actually have never listened to a Podcast before… I know, I know, what century was I born in? Evidently, I am just a little late to this Podcast Party. But I have to say I found it quite interesting. I really had no idea where to start, because “Stuff You Should Know” has so many topics, nearly none of them having anything to do with each other. So I kind of just winged it and chose one.

I listened to “How Continents Got Their Names”. Now I am listening to “Mermaids: Not a Real Thing”. It is interesting but I listened to the first one as I was doing some graphic design work and now I am listening to the new one as I type this. I just do not know if  am really a podcast person, I do not feel like I can just sit and listen to it without doing something else. Ugh, the plight of our generation stems from our constant need to multitask and not concentrating fully on something, with intent.

Which, is an interesting topic all to itself… and something I actually studied when I was working on my masters. Here are some interesting facts or ideas about the Problems with Multitasking. Or The True Cost of Multitasking. There are many articles out there about it- just google “why multitasking is bad”.

Interestingly, this task today has gotten very off task. Anyway, if you have interest and can keep your interest peaked a little bit better than me this is a podcast that came greatly recommended by a lot of research.

Stuff You Should Know

I think the great thing about this podcast is the breadth of information is so diverse. Almost every episode is a completely new topic that has nothing to do with anything that they have ever talked about before. It must be truly interesting to have their jobs.


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